Monday, January 17, 2005

Under Duress

I'm at work today. I'm not happy about it. It's a Federal Holiday, and I swear that Joel and I are the only 'professionals' (white collar) whose companies are open today. The lawyers aren't even working today! Not fair! There was NO ONE on the subway today. I mean, we sat down for the whole ride on both the express and local trains! That only happens on Saturday morning, early! It was then that I realized I should have called in sick. But, one of the advantages of a sick day is getting to sleep in, and clearly that was already shot. It snowed last night too, and is some this morning, so I would have been all snuggly inside today, maybe venturing out to the park to watch the kiddies sled. But no, here I am, slaving away. My clients aren't even at work today! If it's a 'Federal Holiday,' why isn't it a holiday for everyone?! Why is this an 'optional' holiday? If kids don't have to go to school, and the Stock Market is closed, why do I have to work? Boo. Booooooo!!!!! I'm working under duress today.


Pigs said...

You know The Firm is open!! Ha ha. So you'd be working here too. My friend Steph had to start teaching her new semester today. Poor college kids starting back on MLK Day!

Timmie Smith said...

Well, I'm the the office today too, but that is my own fault. This is one of the few holidays that A&M faculty and staff actually do take off. I'll at least give you a few comments to read to pass a little time. You can take whatever solice in the fact that I am a moron and actually showed up to work today voluntarily. I don't think that provides a lot of comfort, it probably just makes people shake their head, sigh, and wonder what actually goes through an Aggie's mind.