Saturday, January 22, 2005


It's snowing! I mean, it's snowing BUCKETS! When you look out the window, it looks like rain. Except that it's snow. We are very excited. It's the blizzard of 2005! The grocery store was a madhouse, according to Joel, and there's a surprising amount of people out and about. I don't expect this to be the case much longer, as it is accumulating fast, and they aren't really plowing the side streets. We're expected to get 14-20 inches! For us Texans, that's a lot! Everyone is really kind of freaked out about it. I'm rather surprised. But we love it!

Unfortunately, I have my concert tonight at Carnegie Hall. Brahm's Requiem. I mean, I'm excited about the concert, but I wish it was last night instead of tonight so I could stay home and enjoy being snow-bound. Oh well. I guess I shouldn't complain about singing in Carnegie Hall. The snow must go on!

In other news, this weekend is the one year anniversary of our move to New York! Tonight, exactly one year ago, we were arriving into the City on the coldest day of the year! So, the snow storm is in honor of our move to the Great North. And, we are still loving it!


Pigs said...

You've been there a whole year???

Rebecca Lynn said...

I hope the concert went well!

Robert said...

Passing by on a BE tour. I'm a former musician and former Texan, too, for that matter. I'm glad you caught yourself complaining about performing at Carnegie Hall! How did it go and what group do you perform with?

Rebecca Lynn said...

Is there any such thing as a former Texan??