Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It drives me absolutely BONKERS that people don't use their turn signal. It routinely happens as I'm driving around my little part of the world that I will have to slam on the brakes at the last minute because the jack-ass in front of me can't be bothered to flick his left hand on that little spigot sticking out of the side of the steering column. Apparently, it's just there to get in the way. God forbid you let me know WHY you are stepping on your brakes! And, I try hard not to follow too close (although Bubba might disagree), so most of the time these people have been braking for a while.

It also happens when changing lanes on the freeway! Which is almost worse, as the speeds are about 3 times what they are in my neighborhood! Makes me so nervous.

So what do I do? I honk at these people! Rightly so! Especially if they cut me off (which has happened a lot lately) and don't use their signal at the same time. Thank God I'm a defensive driver! But. Ya know what? The people I honk at honk right back at me. Like I have no reason to be honking at them, and am just being rude. Hello?!? What do you think that loud thing on the front of your steering wheel is actually FOR? Gaah.

People make me insane sometimes. I hate people. Except for all of you lovely people who read this, of course. Just don't cut me off or not use your blinker in front of me. You WILL feel my wrath.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Twilight Zone

Only in Houston can the rain storm be moving off to the East, but the winds are ALSO out of the East. Wha??? Shouldn't the rains be moving WITH the wind, not AGAINST them? Isn't that counter-productive?

Monday, January 14, 2008


Bubba's BFF, Tim Smith, ran the Houston Half-Marathon yesterday morning!

We of course had to go watch, and snapped this shot when he ran through our neighborhood, about mile 6. He was lookin' good!

We also drove downtown to see him run by before the finish, and were so excited to see him going strong at Mile 13 that we completely forgot to get a picture! Oh well, he was doing great, passing people, and he even beat the lead runner for the full marathon! Yeah, he ran half the distance, but still! That's better than I could do, I'll tell ya!

Stop by and tell Timmie congratulations!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

10 on Tuesday

Ten Best Moments of 2007
Yes, there's lots of Drew-related things in here, but he is kind of the center of my world these days.

  1. Obviously, the birth of my Drew Bear Munchkin!
  2. Baby's 1st Christmas
  3. Moving back to Texas
  4. Flying 1st Class when we moved
  5. Sleeping through the night again
  6. 30th Birthday!
  7. Buying our first house
  8. Going to the lake with Emma and getting to meet Nate-dog
  9. 1st Halloween
  10. Swimming with Drew

Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Wrap-Up

Drew Bear loved his first Christmas. He is rolling in loot, thanks to all the family who just figured he could use 'one more little thing.' But, it wasn't disgusting, just enough. He loved unwrapping so much that he tried to unwrap mine and Bubba's gifts, too.

We even got snow for Christmas! Well, it snowed Christmas night, so we had a White Boxing Day. Somehow that doesn't have the same ring to it. He wasn't too sure about the wet, cold, white stuff, or his little snow suit, but he liked being outside, so he was cool.

Santa brought a Radio Flyer Walker-wagon to the Munchkin, and he is figuring it out. He will walk with it better if Mama is not around. Haven't figured out quite why, but so it goes....

Drew also got a taste of 'country livin' and picked some cotton! There is a record cotton crop in Collingsworth County this year, and there is cotton still in the field because there is no place for it at the overcrowded gin (does this remind anyone else of the Christmas Story, or is it just me?). So we went to the field out behind Mimi and Papa's house and picked some to take back to the Big City with us.

I also just HAD to post this one, because he is super cute and clearly has a high opinion of our family. (No, this is not a present from Mama and Daddy!)