Monday, January 3, 2005

Seizure News

Molly had another seizure this afternoon. She was getting on the plane in Austin, literally on the gang-plank waiting to get on the plane, when she went down. I don't know much more, as it happened about 30 minutes ago and I just got off the phone with Papa, but they are taking her to the hospital there in Austin. My uncle is there, and we have some good friends in Austin to help see what's going on and visit her and take care of things, but I think my folks are pretty freaked out. In fact, I know they are. Just an update, Molly was diagnosed with epilepsy last May. She's currently undergoing a medical board review to be released from the Navy, and will probably be discharged in a couple of months. This is a major setback, however, so we'll see what happens from here. She turned 25 last Thursday, and was in Austin celebrating that and the New Year with some friends.

Say a prayer that she will be ok.

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