Saturday, January 15, 2005

Another gross morning

*********WARNING!!! DISGUSTING CONTENT!************

For about a week now I have had this congestion. It's driving me nuts!!! I wake up every morning with my head full of snot, and spend the next hour coughing and hacking and spitting and driving my husband crazy. He thinks I'm the only person that spits when she gets sick. I'm sorry, but swallowing snot is not up my alley. So, this post is for him, to see who else out there believes in blowing your nose and spitting out anything you cough up? Instead of swallowing it like a 'normal person.'


Pigs said...

Okay, Mike and I have had this same conversation. He hocks stuff up when he's sick and gets over it faster, but that would make me vomit. I just swallow patiently and deal with it.

Kailee said...

Little late to this post but I started reading your blog after I got the link off of Molly's.

Anyway, when I am sick I spit! My mom always told me it was better to get it out of your body...but it IS rather disgusting!