Thursday, February 28, 2008

Change Is Inevitable

We are listing our house tomorrow.

There are several of you readers out there that already know about this. But for those that don't, Bubba and I have decided to move back to Dallas. Bubba is taking his old job back, and I am hopefully going to get mine as well (although it's not for certain yet....keep your fingers crossed for me). Big Oil isn't as great as we thought it would be, and so we are headed back to our old hometown. Drew will just have to grow up in an American League town (GASP!!!).

I am excited about this, even though moving is a pain in the drain, and we only JUST got settled here. Change is a good thing, most of the time.

So, now we are first-time home-sellers. Hopefully there are some people out there who are looking for a house like ours, in a cute neighborhood, and think it will be PERFECT for them. If you happen to know someone that fits that description perfectly, (or if it fits YOU perfectly--Mike and Ang, hint, hint) send them our way!

In the meantime, just send us your prayers and happy-selling vibes.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 on Tuesday

Ten Movies That I've Intended To Watch But Haven't

This should be easy, as I've seen only 1 movie since Drew was born, and that was National Treasure Book of Secrets (which was good, btw).

  1. Becoming Jane
  2. Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  3. Atonement
  4. 27 Dresses
  5. The Bourne Ultimatum
  6. Charlie Wilson's War
  7. Juno
  8. P.S. I Love You
  9. The Bucket List
  10. The Savages
Maybe one day I'll see these one DVD. Or maybe, just maybe, I'll see one here soon! I'm sure I can find a babysitter....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Opulence Out of Control

I watched the GMA 'Behind the Scenes' at the Kodak theater this morning, in preparation for the Oscars on Sunday. And I have to say, I am completely disgusted with all of it. Not the Oscars in general, just the spectacle of what they have to do to impress these super-stars with GOBS of money anyway. All the gold, and the roses, and the yada yada yada. I mean, come on!!! And that's not even the goodie bags of free crap they give the people who could afford to buy it anyway. It just chaps my hide (yes, I'm in TX, and we can say those kinds of things here) that the amount of money they spend on this crap could feed a small country for a year.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Birthday Party Extravaganza

The party was a big hit. Good times were had by all. But especially my sweet Drew Bear! Here's a few pics from the event.

Birthday cake

He loved ripping the paper!

Reading in his new chair


LOVED the icing!

Happy Birthday Boy!

Monday, February 4, 2008

How Do You Measure A Year?

Five-hundred twenty-five thousand, six-hundred minutes
Five-hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear
525,600 minutes - how do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights,
in sunsets,

in midnights,
in cups of coffee.

In inches,

in miles,

in laughter,
in strife.
In 525,600 minutes - how do you measure a year in the life?

How about Love?

My baby is 1 year old today. My goodness, where did the time go? Oh yeah, see the lyrics above.* That's where they the long days, sunsets (and sunrises), and cups of coffee to keep awake. In the inches measured, miles traveled and moved, first laughs, and midnight feedings.

I am a little sad, I'll admit, that my baby isn't a baby anymore. He is officially a toddler, and is well on his way to becoming a little boy. I see it every day as he grows and learns and figures things out and tries new things and fails and tries again and gets it. And I know this is just the beginning of all that, and I'm so thrilled that I'm getting to watch it all unfold.

But this first year has been so special, and I try so hard to remember the little moments that I know are fleeting. But I also try to realize this is just the beginning, and it only gets better from here!

*Lyrics to 'Seasons of Love' from Rent