Friday, September 30, 2005

A Chapter Ends

It's my last day at work. Bittersweet is the word. It was my last day (until February) to walk to work with Bubba. My last early morning stroll down 23rd Street (I'll be getting off a stop earlier). My last cup of coffee from my coffee place where they know my order and make it when I come in without my asking. It's a day of 'lasts,' but it's not sad. Part of me wishes things had been different and I wasn't leaving. But the other part of me is very excited to be starting something new. A door is closing, but a window as opened and I'm jumping out head first.

It's weird, when I've left jobs in the past, I've been much more emotional than I am now. Even in Dallas, where I fully intended to return. I think that's because I was much more connected with the people there. They were, and are, my friends. Here, that connection just does not exist. So I'm not sad to be leaving the people. I don't think of people here as my 'friends' per se, just my co-workers. I think that's the difference....when you say good-bye to friends, there's a lot more emotion involved. And, I'm just going around the corner, I'm sure I'll run into them sometime. Although Manhattan is a place where you can live or work around the corner from someone and NEVER see them unless you plan it.

Anyway, I'm turning a corner today and not looking back. Here's to hoping it's better this time.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rubbing Shoulders with Famous People

So, here I'm bitching about the subway, and the coolest thing happened on it today on the way home! It was super crowded when I got on at 23rd St., and I had to fight over someone (again) to get to the middle of the train. I hit this guy's newpaper, said 'Oh, I'm sorry,' and looked up....right into the eyes of Philip Seymour Hoffman! On MY train! I said 'I'm a big fan!' and turned around to hold on before I crashed into him (which would have been TOTALLY embarrassing). I rode shoulder-to-shoulder with him to 42nd street, where we both got off to change trains. How cool is that! I kept thinking of things I could say, but couldn't come up with ANY of the movies he's been in lately except for the new Capote movie, which I can't wait to see. (That always happens, doesn't it? You completely lose your memory at the most inopportune times!) But, I'm a fan of not fawning over celebrities and letting them just live their lives, so I didn't say anything else but 'Bless You' when he sneezed. I really don't know what he was doing on a subway train at rush hour on a random Thursday when he could be in a car with a driver, but it's cool that he was just being a regular guy, going about his business.

New Yorkers seem accustomed to celebrity sightings, but I hardly ever see any (I don't hang out in the West Village enough), so this is so cool!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Subway Irritation and Germ-o-phobes

I ride the subway to and from work every day and never cease to be amazed at how rude and totally oblivious people can be. When I get on the train, I head straight for the middle, where the AC is the coolest and there is WAY more room than by the door, because for some reason people like to crowd by the door. (And, I could get lucky if someone gets up to get off and I can easily take their seat!) Crowding is not usually a problem in the morning because there are more trains running to handle the peak hour traffic. This morning was different. We rode the express train from 96th St. to 42nd this morning, which is not unusual for us as we will more than likely pass a local train we can switch to. This morning we arrive at Times Square/42nd street and discover a PACKED train platform with people waiting for the local train. Not a good sign. One finally does arrive, and we all squeeze together to make sure we get on THIS train and not have to, God forbid, wait for the next one. This one jack-ass middle-aged guy in a business suit with his briefcase pushes his way to the front of the line, then doesn't move all the way in. He takes the obligitory, half-hearted one-step in towards the middle. I guess he thinks this will appease people behind him and make us think he's trying to move in more. I am squished between Joel and this very large stinky woman and can't even reach over to grab hold of anything so I don't fall over. There is literally room for 4 people on the other side of this guy, as well as two seats, TWO, in the middle of the car! At the next stop, I ask him to move in some, and he doesn't do anything but move a little step and lean over so I can climb OVER him AND his big briefcase. Joel has no such luck, and asks him again. His answer....'I'm getting off at the next stop.' Yeah, well you and half of this car, buddy, so I'm sure you'll be able to get off. He doesn't move, and Joel even says, 'We'll let you off you know.' I am all stretched out in my seat, which I didn't even have to squeeze into, and Joel is elbow-to-elbow with people seething at this one guy all stuck by the door. He in fact does get off at the next stop, and Joel and the rest of the people move into the middle of the car, cursing under their breath.

I don't know WHY people HAVE to stand by the door in the subway. Half the time they won't even move for you to get out or in! I just throw them a shoulder now, serves them right for not stepping out of the door and letting the rest of us off. I swear, it's like they think they won't be able to get back on or something. Pisses me off no end. Everyone walks around in this crowded city thinking THEY are the only thing that matters. Take care of Number One, and screw the rest of you.

All of this irritation was lessened only slightly by the silly girl who got on at 72nd street and didn't want to touch the pole in the subway car to hold on to for fear she might get cooties. We made fun of her lots! She was bobbing and swaying and stumbling around like an idiot, and bumping into the people around her who were smart enough to hold on. She was about to fall into the person next to her and had to finally reach out and grab it, and she only touched it with 2 fingers!!! Really, people will risk bodily injury to avoid 'germs' they can get off of the door knob. Haven't these people heard of hand sanitizer!? We have a whole generation of people that are wussies. If you are THAT afraid of germs, what the hell are you doing in New York City!?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Blogs!

Hey, check out Grope for Luna, Wes and Roxi's new blog! Tell them Katie sent ya!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

7 Things

Compliments of The Singing Pig

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. Have a few kids
2. Move back to Texas
3. Travel to Ireland
4. Learn to speak another language
5. Own a complete set of crystal, fine china, and silver
6. Learn how to knit
7. Retire by 60

7 Things I Can Do
1. Sing a high D above the staff at 8am
2. Play the trumpet
3. Make perfect snickerdoodles
4. Drive a stick-shift
5. Sight-read a piece of music almost perfectly
6. Design a storm sewer
7. Make a three-pointer

7 Things I Cannot Do
1. See without my glasses or contacts
2. Beat my husband at Trivial Pursuit
3. Root for the Mets
4. Raise either eyebrow
5. Trill my R's on command
6. Smell fresh-cut grass without sneezing
7. Eat an kind of a melon (watermelon, cantelope, honey dew)

7 Things that Attract Me To The Opposite Sex/Another Person
1. Sense of humor
2. Smart
3. Sincere smile
4. Clean-cut
5. Strong faith
6. Can make me laugh
7. Is not afraid to appear vulnerable

7 Things That I Say Most Often
1. Howdy y'all!
2. Baby!
3. Are you effing kidding me?
4. Hello?!?
5. Seriously....
6. Your mom (try living with Joel and not saying that)
7. I'm not from around here....

7 Celebrity Crushes
1. Ron Livingston
2. Chris Noth
3. Robert Redford
4. Vince Vaughn
5. Sean Connery

6. George Clooney
7. Peyton Manning

7 People I Want To Do This
2. Molly
3. Wes
4. Timmie
5. Roxie
6. Jody
7. Rebecca

Monday, September 19, 2005

We're Ba-ack!!!

I should have posted over the weekend, but I was a little pooped and occupied with other things. The trip was fabulous, and I'll be posting up some pictures soon (we have lots, let me know if you want the link to see all of them), but I can't do that at work, since I don't have the software here. Needless to say, we got back on Tuesday and by Friday I was having a 'wine-withdrawl' and needed a little fix after work (thanks Michael and Angela!).

I also want to tell you all that my news is now official, I have a new job! I accepted a position with another engineering firm the day before we left for Italy, and gave my two weeks notice at my current job on Friday. It went very well, my boss is disappointed, but didn't throw me out or anything. It's like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and life is looking fun and exciting again! Not many people (in fact, only 2 that I know of) know about my resignation right now, but I'm sure word will get out soon. I'm not going to break the news to anyone just yet. But it is fabulous! Yeah! Champagne all around!