Wednesday, April 19, 2006

People Watching

In light of my post this morning (see below), I decided to escape the office to enjoy the nice weather and eat my lunch outside. I am lucky enough to work close by Madison Square Park (MSP), one of the prettiest parks in NYC, where Broadway crosses 5th Avenue. There are little parks within the City every time Broadway crosses one of the Avenues, but this is one of the best. It is usually brimming over with people, as there are lots of office buildings close by. Mine and Bubba's being 2 of them. So, I took my lunch outside and grabbed a spot in the sun to catch a few rays, read my book, and do some people watching (another excellent thing to do as a tourist, I might add). I am an expert people watcher, taught years ago by my Papa, who could sit in the mall waiting for Mama forever, as long as there were interesting people to watch. Which, if you've ever found yourself in the Texas Panhandle, there are.

I digress.

MSP has great people watching, due to the close proximity of office buildings as mentioned above, tourist attractions like the Flatiron Building, a playground for the kids, and the all-important dog-run. This last part makes for entertainment in and of itself, as it's hard to beat watching City dogs do their socializing at the local dog-run. Today was no different, EVERYONE was out enjoying the balmy 70 degree weather. There were lots to choose from, but my favorite characters were the group of guys walking the oval. They came around every 5 minutes or so (that's what happens when you walk in a sort-of circle), and I'd catch snippets of their conversation. One particular loop conversation I just have to share with you:

Cool guy #1: I mean, I'm pretty fast for my size (upon hearing that I look up and discover that yes, he's rather a heavy-set dude), and I can get around those bases pretty fast. But my feet hurt if I have to run hard.
Cool guy #2: Yea, but my effing feet start to hurt, too. I effing ran track and cross country in high school, and that effing s*@$ will eff up your feet, bro.

I mean, you can't beat that.


Today, I wish I was a tourist.

As Bubba and I were walking to work this morning, we passed a couple sitting outside at a cafe, enjoying their bagel and iced coffee. This is probably the first morning in Manhattan where it's feasible to actually sit outside at 8 AM and not be too cold. It's beautiful outside, and a crime that I should be stuck inside at my cubicle with no shot of the outdoors unless I stand up. But that's another topic for another post. Anyway, I found myself wishing we were that couple. Sitting there, idly watching the guys across the street pour concrete for the high-rise going up next door, checking out the guide book and deciding what to do, or not do, with our day. When I travel, I really enjoy getting up with the 'locals' and watching everyone else go about their daily business around me (at a decent time of course....I'm on vacation after all!). Most often there is not really time to do this, as there are usually much better things to see than the guy opening up his store next door. But this is what makes travel so great....experiencing someone else's 'normal' life, if only for a short time.

This is one of the things I love about living in New York. On my short walk to work, I fall into the category of 'local' that tourists (who are up early enough) get to see going about their regular, every day lives, mundane as they might be. A few are jealous that they are only visiting and wishing they lived in such a cool city with an urban lifestyle, and a few are probably thinking 'Look at that poor schmuck having to WALK to work!' I pass a few dozen people on my walk from the subway every morning, most of whom are doing the same thing as me....hating that it's a week day and they had to get up and actually go to work this morning, wishing they could just skip and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. But every once in a while I pass someone who isn't going to work, and is just happy hanging out.

One of these days, that's going to be me.

A tourist in my own city.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

I'd say 'Happy' Good Friday, but it's not really happy, is it? I mean, Christ died today, and while I am grateful that he did it for me (and rose again on Sunday, I might add), it's still a little weird to say 'Happy Good Friday to ya!'

Regardless, today is a day of reflection for Christians everywhere. Enjoy your Easter weekend, and maybe reflect on the tremendous sacrifice our Lord paid for us (while enjoying your chocolate egg, of course).

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Show Time

I have a concert tonight. It's the last one of the season (not counting the extra concert for my director that's not part of the 'Juilliard' program), and I'm SO ready for it to be over! I enjoy's my gift, it's what I do for fun....but I've had rehearsal EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, and have dress rehearsal today from 2-6 before our concert at 8! I think that's a little excessive. But, if you'll check out the repertoire we're performing (and the 4 premiers we're singing along with Carmina Burana), there are going to be lots of famous people there tonight (Oscar and Tony winners among them), and we have to be extra good. I'm actually pretty excited, it's going to be a great show. Not your standard classical concert. This is going to rock!

But I plan on splurging for a massage soon....

Saturday, April 1, 2006

We Were Bad Today

So, Bubba and I skipped a church function we had RSVP'd to today. We were not leading or doing anything of any importance, so it wasn't that big of a deal, except that we'd already said we'd be there. And, that japruf was expecting us there. We let him down, and now I feel like he won't like me anymore. And that makes me sad. But it was nice to have a day off. I have choir for the next 5 days in a row. That's right. FIVE. And I had a concert last night. Not looking forward to more rehearsals and another show on Thursday. Ugh. So that's why I skipped. That, and Bubba and I were not speaking to each other on the way there and just decided it wasn't worth it. Sorry japruf.