Thursday, February 11, 2010

Man, time flies

Actually, my main reason for not posting much is that my blog account is totally messed up and not in sync with everything, so I have to log onto this crazy account. Anyway.

I had to blog today because there's lots to catch up on.

One, Drew turned 3 last Friday. No longer a Terrible Two! Although he never was that terrible, actually. He's a precious little boy. Talking up a storm, very clearly. He knows his letters AND the sounds they make! He's a puzzle-working FIEND. Seriously, he's working puzzles right now for 5-7 year old kids. ~jawdrop~ Oh, and his favorite color is orange. A fact I like to remind Joel of as much as possible. He sings little songs to himself as he's playing. He's obsessed with cars still, but has recently been into Thomas the Train and loves to build train tracks with his daddy. He's a joy to be around, actually. I couldn't be happier or more blessed.

Two, I've started my own business, which is keeping me busy in start-up mode. Exciting stuff!

Three, I'm having another baby! In June! A boy! More excitement!

Four, and the main reason for posting TODAY and not, you know, yesterday or tomorrow:


For the 3rd time this year! Crazy El Nino!

Our back porch. This is about 2pm this afternoon, 3 inches on the top of that table.

'Artistic' shot of the crepe myrtle seen on the left in the above picture. Look at it just stacked up!

It's been snowing since before I got up at 6:30, there was already an inch by then. It is TOTALLY not Texas snow, either. Big, fat flakes, kind of wet, but otherwise I'd swear I was in the Colorado mountains or something. Straight-down snow, no blowing or drifting. It's not sticking to the roadways and paved surfaces (yet), otherwise this would be a giant mess. But for now, as I'm sitting in my house watching it all day, it is GORGEOUS. And I love it!