Sunday, January 9, 2005

Beltran Blues

Well, Carlos Beltran did not sign with Houston yesterday. He is going to sign with the Mets. This has really irritated my poor husband, the ultimate Astros fan (see his blog about this). He is already a Mets-hater, thanks to the '86 NL championship, so this is salt in an open wound. (Girls, aren't you amazed at the sports stuff I know and keep up with?!) Everyone seems to go for the cash these days. Oh well, just enforces my opinion of's about money. At least this time it's actually professional sports!

If baseball doesn't do something soon, we're not going to have two leagues of competitive teams, we're going to have the same handful of teams that make it to the playoffs every year. These would be teams in the major markets; New York, Boston, Chicago, and LA. Maybe San Fran. Anyway, if a team has a good player one year, they will more than likely be gobbled up by the team that can pay them the most, which is more than likely one of the above mentioned teams. It's a travesty, I tell you!

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Rebecca Lynn said...

That is so sad. Now if I want to look at him I have to watch the Mets. I dont like the Mets either. Youre right though about the money and the big markets. Look at the Yankees- as soon as they get the chance they snap up everyone. Randy Johnson, for example. Just makes me hate professional sports that much more.