Saturday, January 8, 2005

Kleenex Anyone?

It's official. I have a cold. It's 9:15 on Saturday morning, and I got up half an hour ago, because I was blowing my nose too much and disturbing my sleeping husband, who has a cold too and gave it to me. I will spare you the graphic details, as they are pretty gross, but let's just say that if I don't get rid of most of this mucus soon, I may end up sick all freakin' week. Last time this happened, I ended up with a sinus infection, which is the grossest thing you can possibly have. And, you just have to ride it out until you blow out all the snot. Or cough it up, which is even worse.

Needless to say, I am less than thrilled at the idea of spending my weekend like this. But, at least it's raining here, so I don't feel guilty about spending all my time inside. So, there may be many more blogs to read today. If not, it's because I'm blowing my nose too frequently to type! Speaking of which, I've now run out of kleenex and have to go to the store to buy some more. Augh!


Pigs said...

NyQuil at night and Sudafed in the day! (Will make that cold go away! completes my rhyme.) Feel better! Have you ever tried Zicam when you first start getting a cold? Sounds like you're too far gone for it, but that stuff is amazing! I (knock on wood) haven't had a cold this year yet because of it. [This is remarkable in my line of work.]

Rebecca Lynn said...

Katie, I feel your pain! Just ask Molly- shes started calling me snotgirl. Nicknames are great and all, and superhero names are great too, but that wasnt really the one I had in mind... I hope you feel better!! And by the way, Tylenol Cold and Sinus is good for me- helps with the headaches too!

Mollina said...

Ok, see, I should have read this one first, then worked up. I know, now, why there are so many blogs that I have to catch up on here on your site. You've spent the weekend sick. I've spent the weekend hung over. I still can't remember to stay away from liquor when I start with beer. So I now have enought sleep and coffee in me to be relatively intelligent and try to respond to your blogs.