Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day 3

Pat Sajack is co-hosting Regis and Kelly while Regis is out of town. I have discovered that Pat is quite funny! I have actually laughed out loud while sipping my coffee a couple of times this morning! Who knew?

Oh, and he used to be a weatherman before the Wheel gig. Who knew?

I also think Kelly Rippa is quite cute. I am a fan. Wish I could look that good after 2 kids. And have great hair like that.

Don't worry, I'm not watching the entire program, but I do like their opening 'monologue' thing that is really pretty entertaining. After that, I'm done. I got things to do with my leisure!

Today, it's a walk across Central Park! Well, that's the plan, we'll see how far I get. I gotta jump start this labor thing.

Monday, January 29, 2007

It has begun....

Day 1 of Maternity Leave--Laundry.

I discovered that Monday in the laundry room (that was closed all last week, incidentally, but I'm not sure if that was a factor) is every man for himself. The house-cleaners (maids) are all down there, doing their clients laundry, too (I hope they at least get paid more to fluff and fold). How do I know they don't actually live in this building? I just know. Demographics, mainly. But anyway, not the point. You have to sit down there the entire time or your laundry will just be casually thrown to the side the SECOND the washer or dryer you are using is done. I am used to doing my laundry in the evening, and it's a much more relaxed, laid back atmosphere. Not so during the day.

Those bitches are vicious, I tell ya.

This being a housewife thing ain't easy. Especially without your own washer/dryer.

Friday, January 26, 2007

End of an Era

Today is my last day in the working force for the forseeable future. Not that my current employer knows that yet. Which makes this, my last day of work in NYC, rather strange. No big good-byes, no tears (did I mention I'm an emotional wreck these days?), no packing up and taking my boxes of stuff away. For all they know, I'll be returning in 3 months. It's all a charade. I will be giving my notice of intent NOT to return at the end of March, with the news that I'm also leaving the city and heading back to God's Country. So today I am acting the part. I really will see all these people again, just when I come to say goodbye and pack up my stuff.

I am lucky that Bubba's new job will leave us in a more stable financial situation so that I can choose to stay at home or go back to work after we get settled. I like choices. Who knows? I may really enjoy staying at home and have NO desire whatsoever to return until my children are school age (at which point I think I better be going back to work). Or, I may REALLY miss my sexy life as a civil engineer and can't WAIT to get back to the work force. (I'm really doubting it will be this black-and-white, and I'll want some sort of compromise. But we'll see.) Regardless, it is my choice, and I'm relishing it.

Still, it is somewhat hard to imagine right now NOT getting up to go to work every day. I'm sure I'll get used to it, start enjoying all my 'free time,' and then BAM! I'll have a kid that demands all my attention and I'll only WISH all I had to do today was get myself up and ready and to work on time. But hey, I'm up for the challenge!

I'll miss riding the train with Bubba, though....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just so you have a good visual...

This is what I look like 37 weeks (9 months) pregnant. That's a Biggo Preggo belly!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Under Pressure

Dun, dun, dun, dunda dun-dun. Dun, dun, dun, dun, dunda dun-dun. Sing it with me now!

The Tater is really giving it to me good today. Lots of pressure from my bulging belly. I am so uncomfortable, it's distracting me from getting anything done. Not that I have much to do, but there is one thing on my desk that I feel needs to be done before I take my leave. And it's not that much fun, and kind of boring, and thus easy to be distracted from.

On that topic, I have about decided to make THIS Friday my last day, as opposed to the originally planned NEXT Friday. It's just not fun anymore to traipse to work every day (more like shuffle to work on Bubba's arm every day) via the NYC Subway system and my own two feet. Feet that are so tired and swollen-up that you can't even see my bony ankles....I look like I sprained both my ankles playing basketball. That's what happens when you carry around 35 extra pounds in your mid-section. I'm surprised my arches haven't collapsed (and they are VERY high arches!). The other reason for an early departure is that I'm just tired of it all. I don't sleep well, I don't walk well, I am swelling up, none of my clothes fit anymore, and I just want to sit at home on the couch and do whatever I damn well feel like! We'll see what my doctor says on Thursday, but I'm 95% sure I'm going to wimp out and call it quits a week earlier than I told everyone at work I was. And, Bubba says it's ok.

I know Bubba is sick of me complaining. I try not to, but it's hard when all anyone ever says to me is 'How ya doin? You're still here?!? Geez, when are you going to HAVE that baby! You're HUGE!' It is starting to really irritate me, even though people mean well. Yes, I'm huge. Try finding a 9-months+2-weeks pregnant lady who ISN'T! The comments are just not funny anymore. Neither are the pitying looks from other women who have been there, done that. At least my size gets me an automatic seat on the subway. People take one look at me and hop up, as if I'm going to fall down right then and there. It's rather nice, actually. :)

OK, rant over. I'm ready for this kid to BE HERE!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Change in the Weather?

Once again, it is colder in Texas than it is here. This has been a pretty frequent occurance thus far this winter. The temp is dropping steadily today in NYC, but no falling precipitation, which is a blessing, I guess. It's all north of us. I'd likely just stay home to avoid falling on my pregnant butt again. (Hey, maybe that's not such a bad thing!) But the Texan in me is still wanting a big storm! Snow is still a novelty for me (and for Bubba), and I am feeling cheated out of my last winter here.

Of course, now this means that February and March will just be terrible, right when I'm wanting to get out and about with the Tater! ~sigh~

Snow, snow, snow, snow, SNOW!!!! I wanna wash my hair, my face and hands with SNOW!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

We Have A Crib!!!

After much ado, Drew has a place to sleep now!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Don't Know Why

I thought I'd copy Bubba and write a little note to Baby Drew. However, I have to admit that I didn't come up with this. Shawn Colvin wrote this song for her daughter when she was born. I can't wait to sing it to my little boy when he arrives. The tune is good, too, but for now, you'll just have to read the lyrics.

I don’t know why
The sky is so blue.
And I don’t know why
I’m so in love with you.
But if there were no music,
Then I would not get through.
I don’t know why I know these things.
But I do.

I don’t know why
But somewhere dreams come true.
And I don’t know where
But there will be a place for you.
Every time you look that way
I would lay down my life for you.
I don’t know why I know these things.
But I do.

I don’t know why
But some are going to make you cry.
I don’t know how
But I will get you by.
I will try.
‘Cause they’re not trying to cause you pain
They’re just afraid of loving you.
I don’t know why I know these things.
But I do.

I don’t know why
Trees grow so tall.
I don’t know why
I don’t know anything at all.
But if there were no music,
Then I would not get through.
I don’t know why I know these things.
But I do.

I don’t know why I know these things.
But I do.

Thanks, Shawn. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Fall Down Go Boom

I spent the day in labor and delivery.

The short story is that I fell in the street (how embarrassing!) on my way to work this morning, landing mainly on my knees and hands, but with the face-forward fall, I wasn't sure if I hit my belly or not. We were a block from home, so Bubba and I came home to settle down, see if the baby was moving, and call my doctor. She recommend we go to the hospital for monitoring, just to be safe. So, we did, and I'm glad we did. Makes me feel better to see/hear the heartbeat. Ironically, Bubba and I JUST toured the hospital's maternity ward last night! So we knew where to go this morning! I got hooked up, everything was fine, but my doctor wanted 6 hours of monitoring, just to make sure there was no trauma that would show up after my adrenaline levels dropped back down. I was having some contractions show up on the monitor, too, but no worse than I've been having.

The bad thing was that my back started hurting because I was laying on it instead of my side. And, I couldn't eat. I could have water, though, so I drank enough to stay hydrated and ensure I could get up for potty breaks!

Needless to say, we are glad to be home, glad The Tater is fine, and glad we got our dry run through before we have to deal with the real thing!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

In The Round

Per cjh's request, a belly picture! This is from a few weeks ago. I'm getting very round....

And here's one of Bubba and his belly! I think he's jealous....