Saturday, January 8, 2005

End of an Era

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have called it quits. When they said on the news last night that they had an announcement, I thought it was to say they were pregnant. I totally did not expect this! I'm very sad, as they were our ultimate 'swing' couple. If we were swingers, that is, of course we'd want to go straight to the top! Anyway, I'm sad about this. Doesn't love matter anymore? What happened? Did they get lost in that huge house? Forget to talk to each other? Is movie-making that stressful? Did other 'Friends' get in the way? What happened?


Bubba's Mom said...

It has to be an ego thing. Everybody knows Hollywood people are weird, right? Yes, they were a pretty couple, but sometimes the prettier they are, the weirder they are. But, then, there's Billy Bob Thornton - who has got to be one of the weirdest people ever, and pretty he is not. Elizabeth Taylor is one of the most beautiful people ever and she couldn't stay married either. It's got to be an ego thing.

vifernandez0808 said...

Ok, I agree it is sad when a marriage is over. Just goes to show, good-looking, wealthy people have the same problems + papparrzzi pressure. And while I feel bad for them b/c they seem like down-to-earth people, I gotta say, there was something weird about them. I mean people, when you marry, don't marry someone who could be your sibling. You know those couples who look more like brother-sister? Yeah, I think they were one of them.

vifernandez0808 said...

Ok, I have to say, yes, I feel sad whenever any marriage fails apart but esp. when they appear down-to-earth and sincere. Having said that, I gotta say, they always freaked me out a bit. You know those couples that look more like brother & sister? Yeah, they kinda looked related to me. Which is why, when I marry, he will NOT have dark hair AND dark eyes...only one, or neither.