Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Out! Out! Cursed Spot!!!

At the park today during lunch this guy spilled coke on my skirt / feet / shoes. I didn't have anything to wipe it off with, and he didn't offer a napkin (jerk!), so I just shook the coke off of my skirt and rushed back to the office (right across the street) to wash off my sticky feet and shoes. Problem is, I now have brown spots on my cute new green leather sandals! Ack!! I've tried scrubbing with a wet paper towel, but to no avail. I'm super-irritated. Anyone know how to get spots off of leather shoes? I Asked Jeeves, but he didn't give me any definite answers. Poop.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


My birthday is on Saturday, and I have no idea what to do with my day. Please, someone--anyone!--throw a few ideas out there!

Dinner out? Friday or Saturday night?

Go see a play? Which play?

Picnic in the park?

A night of drinking with friends?


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Children or Adults? It's a toss-up

We were at the Yankees/Red Sox game last night. About the 6th inning, 2.5 hours into the game (yes, that's a slow game, but that's not the subject of this post), I overheard a little girl behind us say to her parents:

"I got to see lots of people kicked out [of the game]! Who cares if they [the Yankees] win!?"

They did win, incidentally. And yes, there were lots of people asked to leave the game because they were acting like children. Which is about par for the course at a Yankees/Red Sox game.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Poopy Doopy

Wes wrote something on the subject of Crappiest Cities, and I started to comment but felt it was better served on my own blog, as it was way too long a response! So you might head over there first and check it out....

To continue Wes' theme, NYC may be the best at picking up dog poop, but horse hockey is another story. We saw 2 Mounties in the West Village yesterday right off of West 4th Street, and one of the animals 'relieved' himself right there on the street! I mean, it was quite a load, to be quite frank. So then the cops just turned their mounts and road off into the sunset! And left this big pile of crap in the middle of the street! WTF? Who's supposed to clean that up? There is not a 'doggie bag' out there big enough! Hee!


Hey, way to go man! Now that you're a high-powered working man, you can take us all out for champagne!!!

Let the celebration begin!

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Freak Show

Bubba and I went to see this guy at Lincoln Center last night with a friend in from LA. The things people will do for publicity.

Monday, May 1, 2006

No 'Here Kitty' Needed

On a walk through Riverside Park yesterday, I spotted a girl walking her cat. Her cat. On a leash. One of those 'sling' ones that goes around the front legs so as not to jerk the pet's neck around. It was a beautiful white long-hair cat that looked completely freaked to be out there 'enjoying' the call of nature. Or maybe it was the fact that there were lots of dogs around.

The girl was on the phone, and remained there almost the entire time we sat watching her. There was no 'walking' of the cat. The cat just sat there casting furtive glances around her, ready to dart away at the first sign of threat.

Poor kitty. Dogs enjoy walks. Cats prefer to walk themselves. Or not. But definitely not on a leash. Someone should tell that girl. I'm curious how she got the cat to sit still long enough to put the sling on it anyway.

Curiouser and curiouser.