Sunday, November 7, 2004

New York Marathon

Today I saw my first marathon. And what a cool one to get to see! The NYC Marathon is one of the most famous in the world, and people from all over were there running. My good, and crazy, friend Jennifer Souza ran it. It was so cool to get to see someone I actually KNOW run it the first time I've gotten to see one! I had someone to wait and watch for, and yell really loud in the 10 seconds or so she was in ear shot! I actually knew a couple of other people running it, but I never saw them. It's harder than you'd think to spot someone! There are the crazies that wear a costume while running, like the guy dressed as Elvis. I saw a guy dressed as Scooby-Doo. Of course, this being New York, there were a few people displaying their political and/or social agendas on their t-shirts. There were lots of people with their names on their shirts, so you yell at them when they run by. Lots of Texas flag shorts, which was cool for us. We stood in Central Park around mile 24, where everyone looks a little beat. It's great to cheer everyone on when they look a little down. No matter what someone is wearing, you have to cheer them on and give them props, as they are actually out there busting their butts running, and you are standing on the sideline, wishing whoever you're waiting on would run by so you could go somewhere and sit down!
Marathoners are amazing. Joel, of course, now wants to run one. I, on the other hand, have the exact opposite reaction. No way in hell will you catch me running 26.2 miles. The NYC marathon route goes through all 5 boroughs....if I want to go from Brooklyn to Central Park I take the subway! It was a perfect day, probably a little warm for the runners (up in the 60s) but just great for us spectators! All the trees are turning in Central Park, and it was a perfectly clear day. Great day to spend in the park. We saw the leaders run by for both the men and the women run by. They are running faster at mile 24 than I could probably run 1 mile! Amazing. We'll see if Joel actually runs it while we still live here....feel free to comment on that and encourage him!

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