Sunday, November 21, 2004

NBA Brawl

Pacers/Pistons. Did anyone see that last night? We didn't see the game at all, as neither Joel nor I are NBA fans (except Joel tends to root for the Rockets), but caught the recap this morning on Sports Center. I am appalled. Players were fighting, which is not really uncommon, and has seemed to get worse in the past few years, but it spilled into the stand between players and fans after a fan threw a drink on one of the Pacers. Completely classless fans. They had to call the game because it got out of hand. 3 of the Pacers and 1 of the Pistons has been suspended indefinitely. I know there will be lots of law-suits come out of this one, but personally I feel that if you go out onto the court to confront a player, you deserve what happens to you. They were throwing everything at the Pacers' players as they were going into the dressing room! I am appalled. What is professional basketball coming to? I agree that the players should not have started a fight with the fans, but how stupid are the Detroit fans if they think this huge, adrenalin-pumped, athlete isn't going to just jump that little table separating them and kick their ass?

Again, completely classless.

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