Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Last Few Days

Bubba was right, the cable signal was too weak. But the lady came yesterday and fixed us all up. Yay! I really am impressed with Time Warner's service.

Baby B rolled over Thursday night and caused my stomach to physically lurch. I SAW it move, and it was the freakiest and coolest thing ever! Since then, he's just been hangin', not much movement to speak of other than kicking his Mama in the bladder.

We went out for our delayed anniversary/finding out the sex/Bubba done with deadlines dinner. Tried a famous steak house in East Midtown (the second of such dinners we've tried to have here), and decided we really can make a better steak at home. When you're from TX, and used to excellent beef for cheap, you have a hard time finding anything outside of TX that you'll like better. We still enjoyed it and had a good time, but I can get a better steak at Salt Grass for half the cost.

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Bubba's Sis said...

When you move back to Texas I'll take you out and buy you a big ol' steak dinner. :-)