Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Dark Ages

Our cable is out. As I mentioned previously, there was an outage in our neighborhood on Sunday, affecting the TV and internet. The got it back up and running yesterday morning, and our internet works, but still no TV. Bubba called the Evil Cable Company last night to try to remedy the situation, and after a 20-minute phone call where the girl on the phone tried, in vain, to remotely re-boot our system and fix it from her end (will wonders never cease?). Needless to say, it didn't work, and they are sending someone out to take a look. ON FRIDAY. As in 4 days from our original call. As in, we have NO TV for 4 days. Are you kidding me? This is the first time-slot that someone can come to our house and see what the Evil Cable Company has done to mess up BOTH our cable boxes? Because I can safely say, we did NOTHING to warrant this. We were sitting there Sunday evening, watching football and 60 Minutes, when BAM! No TV. The only good thing is that we are getting credited on our bill for our non-service.

This is usually not a problem for us, as we don't watch a lot of TV (other than sports, which should give you an indication as to who controls the remote in my house), but it's nice to know it's there. Now I'm going to miss the premier of the new season of Gilmore Girls tonight, we'll miss the last week of the regular baseball season (in my house, this borders on a travesty), and I'll miss Grey's Anatomy on Thursday night (which I've just now gotten into after 2 seasons, so I didn't want to miss it)! Not to mention the fact that my morning 'routine' is all messed up because I have no idea what time it is if Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer aren't there to keep me in line! I was 10 minutes later this morning because I got all involved in a magazine article and didn't realize what time it was. And, AND!!! How am I supposed to know the weather outside? Again, I needed a jacket this morning, but had no idea until I was actually down on the street, shivering in the morning coolness. Grrr....

At least we have internet. God help us if we didn't. We'd actually be forced to sit and TALK to each other! ~Gasp!~


Bubba's Sis said...

Good God, Woman! No TV all week?!? How horrible! You need to find a friend to record your shows for you.

Of course, now you and Bubba can sit around and talk about the things he loves best - sports and boobies.

Bubba's Mom said...

Bubba may begin to show withdrawal symptoms with no sports to watch. And this is the last week of baseball season, and the Astros have won 7 in a row, St. Louis lost tonight, and we can still make a run for it. But, I don't want to inflame the issue. Does this mean no college football this weekend too??? Ohhhhh, could be bad.