Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Quick Update

So sorry to not have posted since the NLCS victory for the Astros. Somehow I never got around to posting about the actual World Series, but I've been busy. And am seriously sleep deprived from staying up late to watch all those games! ~Yawn~ But now that baseball is over I can concentrate my sports efforts on college football! Go Horns!

Nothing much going on, I had a concert last Monday night at Juilliard that went so well our director is wanting the group that sang to make a recording of some sort this summer! Exciting stuff, I'll keep you posted on that. Bubba's folks were in for the weekend, we had an excellent time shopping and running around the City. I always love for them to come visit and only wish I had room in my tiny apartment for them to stay so they wouldn't have to get a hotel. Oh well. The new job is going splendidly, I'm really enjoying it and can't believe I stayed at my old one for as long as I did.

Guess that's about it, nothing much to report. The City is fabulous this time of year. "I love New York in the fall, makes me want to buy school supplies." Bonus points for those of you that can get that quote (besides Mols).



Mollina said...

"Bouquets of sharpened pencils?!" No fair ruling me out of the "name that quote" game! :P

Pigs said...

Baseball's over? Huh. That means the O.C. will be back on! Yessss!

katielady said...

Pigs, I KNEW you'd be excited about that!

Rebecca Lynn said...

I suck at movie quotes. Thats all I have to say about that.

Glad the new job is going well. Go Horns!

Mollina said...

Ok....I think by default I get to win this one - it's from "You've Got Mail". Watch and find it. :)

katielady said...

Excellent Mollina!!! You haven't failed me yet!