Monday, November 21, 2005

All's Well That End's Well

The Party was great! A huge success! I was worried about 5 pm as I was finishing everything up because I ended up with only 23 chocolate mousses instead of the 26 I was shooting for. But I had some cheese and apples for those not in the mood for chocolate (how could THAT ever happen!) or just too full to consume any. Turns out that I had about 8 left over! Everyone had a fabulous time, even the babies! And no one had to stand in the bathroom unless on purpose. Pigs is right, small apartments make for a cozy party. Afterwards we took the party to our favorite drinking establishment, The Dive Bar, and proceeded to stay out until 3 am. WAY too late to actually make it to church the next day! We are bad, I know. And I'm still trying to recover from not getting enough sleep over the weekend. Wish I had the week off like some people.

FYI Pigs, I served these little individual chocolate mousses I found in Southern Living, February 2005 issue. They were excellent and really quite simple. I made strawberry sauce instead of raspberry, though, because I couldn't buy frozen raspberries. I'd highly recommend them for your party!


Rebecca Lynn said...

Sounds like it was a great party! Ive never done the progressive dinner thing either, sounds like fun. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Pigs said...

cool! i'll look up the recipe, thanks! i've got two weeks to prepare. so did the babies go to the bar too? :o)