Saturday, February 12, 2005

Skinny People

I had another concert this past week. The smaller chamber group of the Juilliard Chorus (of which I am a member) sang in a performance with the New York City Ballet Company. We sang Leonard Bernstein's 'Chichester Psalms,' on stage, in costume, and the dancers danced to our singing. (What a concept, right?) It was a totally cool experience, and the choreography was a great interpretation of the words. It is sung in Hebrew, 5 Psalms combined into 3 movements. Really a beautiful work if you ever have the chance to hear it. Bernstein was a genius. We have half a dozen more performances of it at the State Theatre with the ballet, 2 at the end of this month, and 4 more at the end of April.

We had our first rehearsal with the ballet dancers on Wednesday. That means I had my first experience with dancers up-close-and-personal. And I was shocked to find how THIN they are! Not just thin, I think the appropriate word to use is SKINNY. I was always skinny (more like scrawny, and no, I'm not anymore) growing up, and hated the word, but there is no other word to use. When you can count all of your ribs AND vertebrae without sucking in your breath, you are skinny. Waifish. Unhealthy. When you are in the audience watching the ballet, you never seem to notice this fact. But being on stage with them was really an eye-opener. I mean, they are SO strong....that fact I am actually jealous of. Makes me want to work out and eat salad and things like that. Give up bread or something. But on reflection, I'm very pleased with my shape and the fact that I have boobies and enough body fat to ovulate and perhaps bear children someday. Seeing people as skinny as that makes you appreciate your own flaws a little more, you know?

As a side bar, when watching the girls dance 'on toe,' the question that always comes to mind is 'How do they DO that?' It's incredible. And so hard! It's amazing!


Bubba said...

I like your boobies too!

vifernandez0808 said...

Glad to hear the concert and rehearsals went well. How exciting!You should not feel bad about your one EVER! Having said that, I feel the need to comment on ballet. I took ballet for 5 years as child. I even reached point shoes by 8 or 9. It's really not so bad on point. You need two things: strong ankles and cotton balls stuffed at the bottom. Plus, the shoes are cut so you can walk on the ankles. And yes, they are so skinny. Wouldn't you like to see a ballet dancer with some meat? I'm starting a revolution. Who's with me?
P.S. on the artistic side note, can you guys go to Central Park in oh, say the next 15 days and take a picture with the Gates? That'd be awesome!

Bubba's Mom said...

What is this "perhaps bear children someday" stuff???

Young girls do not have strong enough ankles to really be on pointe until they are at least 12-13. When Jill took ballet with that company in Houston I loved watching class more than the performances. The dancers are beautiful at the barre even tho they wear strange assortments of garb. Some of them actually wrap their toes in sheep wool and some use cotton. The real pros (such as the teacher who was Russian trained) do not use padding. You are actually dancing on the "knuckles" of your toes. That's why dancers have such ugly feet. And the guys - they are not wusses. It takes a lot of strength to lift those girls up and keep them steady. The male teacher (who trained with Nurevev) sewed his ballet shoes to his tights. The ballet world is very interesting. And that's also where your darling husband learned to recognize the famous ballet music because he had to sit through the classes.

Mollina said...

I watched a show on VH1 the other day about Hollywood's obsession with being too thin. It talked about how bad so many celebrities have gotten - the lenghths they will go to to maintain the "perfect body". But then it talked about some celebrities that are lashing out at the current skinny trend, like Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet, and Jennifer Lopez. I was shocked they mentioned those three at first, but when you compare them to the others, they do have a healthier body and go on less fad diets to be super-skinny. They are still thin, but not in a rib-counting way. I hope this trend spreads over Hollywood so young girls (and adults) can stop cutting carbs and other rediculous things that are bad for them.

Christine said...

The skinny thing must really help with the on toe thing!