Tuesday, February 8, 2005

The Endless Quest for More

Why do people seem to feel the need to have the biggest and best of everything? Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon? Americans seem to constantly be thirsting for more. Bigger cars, bigger houses (God forbid your kids actually have to SHARE a room), bigger boats, better schools, more exhoribant vacations, bigger tvs, more media outlets in the house, more and more and more money. I recently had a friend make a large purchase of one of the items mentioned above. The only reason I found out was because she can't come visit me now because of it! This event has made me reflect on the status of my own checkbook. I am not wealthy, nor will I ever be in monetary terms, but we make enough money to cover the bills and still retain and contribute to a savings account while living in this very expensive city. But I also don't constantly strive to have the latest-greatest things. We like to travel, so that's usually what we spend extra money on. We have retirement accounts set up that we contribute to every month. I know money is a touchy subject to broach with most people, myself included, but why do people constantly live outside their means? Yes, we only live once, but there are so many people that need the money you just spent on those new movies you'll probably only watch once WAY more than you do. Anyway, there's really not a point to this blog, just my ranting about people that, in my opinion, make poor decisions. Rant done.


Pigs said...

Well, you know it's rampant in the Dallas area! I've never seen anything like it. If I tried to "keep up with the Joneses" around here, I'd never stop running!

Bubba's Mom said...

I join you in your "rant" and say Amen! And, it's not just in a few things - it's everything! Take weddings for example. This has gotten way outta control! Who needs 10 bridesmaids and your childhood pictures projected on a giant screen as part of your ceremony??? Whatever happened to simple elegance?? And what is all this telling kids growing up right now? While we're on the subject - how about salaries paid to professional ball players?? Ridiculous! If I don't watch out, I'll be doing a rant of my own!

Mollina said...

Rant on, Donna! I agree with you. As the sister that spends more than she should on shoes, clothes, purses, and evenings at the bar with friends, I know that I probably have Katie reading in anticipation of my hypocritical knowledge. But I do know what my limit is, as should everyone. If I had to choose between visiting someone and buying a new pair of shoes, I'd choose the visit. Katie, you and Joel have a wonderful life together, and you make each other happy. You don't need the "extras" to have a good time. That is what's really important. And you'll see who gets the last laugh when you and Joel are still comfortable and happy at 80 while some friends are still living paycheck-to-paycheck b/c they used their savings on the HDTV big screen!

zencomix said...

Society is much more mobile than it used to be. People don't remain for long in a community for the most part. Most people don't even know there neighbors. Extended families don't really live together like they used to. As a result, people are starved for a sense of community,a sense of belonging. They try to ease that hunger by accumulating diversions, like the latest high definition TV. Mix in a good dose of insecure, bloated egos (my SUV goes 0 to 60 1 second faster than yours) and you have The American Way

Hiddenson said...

My wife and I don't spend much, but this doesn't mean we save much either. Does this mean we are poor? Not at all. Allow me to explain.

We love travels, long travels. India, Scandinavia, South East Asia soon. This requires money. We do not want to have the best and the greatest as you say, but we certainly know we will learn more from seeing our peers live differently around the globe than from buying a car.

So, I'm not sure if I'll live once (whatever, it's irrelevant to the topic), but I know I may die anytime. Still, we won't spend more than 50 euros in a restaurant, because no food is worth more than that, especially when you know you can eat for .25 cents in India and when you know that some people there cannot even afford that.

What I'm trying to say here... is that your greatest and best theory also applies to salary, and the efforts required to obtain it. Would you work 24/7 if you were paid 5000 euros/dollars per month and never have time for anything, family included? Not me.

The most luxurious item nowadays... is TIME. In the crappy societies we live in, we are asked to do more and more in less and less time. But as soon as we have a gap of time, it's crammed with -place junk here-.

Will we ever learn?

Keep up the good posting and I'll come back for more :)