Saturday, February 5, 2005

Age-old Question

What should I wear? This has eluded women, in this country at least, for decades, if not centuries. I would say since the dawn of time, but I'm doubting the biblical heroines were all that concerned with what to wear on a Saturday night.

We are going out to dinner for a friends' birthday to a pseudo-swanky place neither I or my husband have been to. I looked it up on Shecky's, and it appears to be a happenin' place to go for dinner. A see-and-be-seen type of place. This is not the kind of place Joel and I typically grace with our presence, as they tend to be expensive, the food is not good enough to match the price, and as we are married to each other, we aren't looking to hook up. Now, 'not gracing with our presence' is not from lack of want, really, but we just never know about these kind of places, you know? And, it's not in our neighborhood (UWS), so it's out of the way. (In Manhattan, if you have to go too far downtown, or cross-town, it's out of the way and, especially with the latter, almost impossible to get to.)

Anyway, back to the question at hand....what do I wear? Jeans and a cute top? A skirt and sweater? Jeans, dress shirt, and sweater? Boots or flats? It is February in New York, so that automatically rules out sandals and uncovered legs. But, it was a balmy 50 degrees today, so a sweater might not be a good idea either, as I won't want to sweat, and thus smell, all night. Sexy is a must, as I want to look good in a sexy place. I'm thinking skirt, but then it almost feels like I'm going to work. And this is bad on a Saturday. Jeans and boots might be good, but what shirt? My husband is not good to ask, as he just gets irritated that I can't decide and I inevitably make us late. Granted, for a straight guy, he has very good taste in clothes, and always does well picking outfits for me. But when it comes to Saturday night kind-of-fancy dinners (but not dress up), he's not the person to ask. A woman is. But, I am fresh out of those. I need that cool computer program Alicia Silverstone has in Clueless to choose her outfit without trying everything on. Anyone have one of those? Can I borrow it?

Now, I must stop blogging about this and go stand in front of my closet for a while. I only have one hour before we have to leave. And another cocktail to consume while fuming that I didn't go shopping today because I was doing this. Oh well, it's Saturday night, I'm in the greatest city in the world, what am I complaining for?


Pigs said...

Hee hee. I was just having the same problem.

Eddie said...

First off, I'm sure you've learned by now that it's "How-ston" and not "Hew-ston" in the city. Just my random contribution for the day.

As for the outfit, I would go with some sleek black pants and high-heeled boots or shoes, or some very trendy jeans. And a low-cut top. I promise you won't look like a hussy!

Bubba said...

We've lived here a year, we know how to pronouce the street names.

Eddie said...


I wasn't trying to be mean about Houston; I was trying to be funny b/c I knew you must know by know how it's pronounced. Sorry if I offended.

katielady said...

Don't worry, cousineddie, no offense taken!

Mollina said...

Katie, my darling sister...why did you not call me to consult?! I've seen your closet enough to know what is in there. I may not be good at a lot of things, but picking out the perfect thing for Saturday night is what I'm great at! Call it shallow, but someone's gotta do it. What did you end up wearing? And was it a hit?