Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Mucus Alert

I am about sick of this. If you could sell snot for a profit, I'd be loaded. This is ridiculous! I hate this stupid cold! Blowing my nose all day, not being able to talk regularly, having a stuffy head, and not being able to pop my ears. I've had enough, I am miserable. On top of that, I didn't even stay home from work today. I went because I thought I needed to get something done today, and that they were waiting on me to send it out. I was wrong. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. I am skipping choir tonight though. I don't have a voice, and my constant nose blowing would be very distracting. However, when I emailed the chorus manager about not being there, he emailed me back that it's the best policy to be there if you feel ok and sit in the back. He didn't even tell me to feel better! Hmph. So, I am just not going to grace them with my presence tonight. I'm going to sit at home and stay out of Joel's way, as it's his night for 'alone time.' He gets sole control of the remote, can cook or not cook (but I'm not going to cook, so he'll have to feed himself somehow), can have the computer all night if he wishes, etc. Aren't I a nice wife? ;)


Pigs said...

So there! Pbbbbbt! Feel better! Again. Must be those new New York germs.

Rattl'n along said...

I say go and infect him since he seemed to not have the courtesy to wish good health on you. Down here in Texas, we always wish y'all good health. Ya'ear?