Friday, August 1, 2008

Back In The Saddle Again

I have a job interview this afternoon. It's right up the road from the New House, so super-convenient, and I used to work in their Austin office before I became Mrs. Bubba.

For some reason, my biggest worry leading up to this is what I'm going to wear! I don't know yet whether or not the man I'm meeting with is just meeting me because I used to work for the company, or if they truly have a desire to have me. My old job at The Firm doesn't seem to want me anymore, so I'm not sure about this one. At least I have an interview. Well, that's what I'm calling it. It could be a 'nice-to-meet-you-but-you-are-over/under-qualified-for-what-we-
have-available' meeting. Which will just suck.

So, that brings me back to the wardrobe issue. I have not worn work clothes in 18 months. Heck, I really haven't worn any of my old clothes since right at 2 years ago, thanks to my early-bulging belly and need to wear maternity pants early-on. I haven't even tried on some of these clothes to make sure they fit. Yikes! And, it's way too damn hot outside to even attempt nice dress pants, all of which are lined and that shit just sticks to your legs WAY too easily. So, skirt it is. Thankfully, the first few I pulled out are a bit tight, but will work. Whew! Pair it with a new shirt my Mama got me way back in January, when I was SUPPOSED to be going back to work, and I will hopefully look pretty snappy. If not completely over-dressed for casual Friday. Oh well, better to be over-dressed than under.

I was able to swing it for late-afternoon so Bubba can come home from work early to watch the Munchkin.

Hopefully it all goes well! Although I still can't figure out why I'm not nervous. That is SOOO not like me....

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Timmie Smith said...

Good luck!