Saturday, March 15, 2008

All Hail Apollo

I am a self-prescribed Sun-Worshiper. Yes, I said it. I LOVE to bask in the sun and feel it's full glory soaking into my skin. There is nothing I like more than a nice, deep, Perfect Tan, with no tan lines visible, and nothing I enjoy more than the pursuit of this perfection. I have been blessed with an olive complexion that doesn't burn readily, and thus makes the tanning more enjoyable than most, as I can sit out there all day, and as long as I have a minimal amount of protection, I'm guaranteed a nice glow.

I have been a junkie since my Tween days, laying out on the trampoline in our front yard bathed in SPF 4 (yep, at least I was trying) and baby oil. I spent my afternoons at the pool when it was open, which was every day but Monday in the summer. In high school, it was torture to be a distance runner and not be able to just lay around on warm spring afternoons after my race, because they run the 1600m next-to-last. Thus I was the loser sitting in the shade under the bleachers or on the bus. By my college years, the pursuit of the perfect tan was easily attainable by skipping classes on beautiful spring afternoons to sit in my tube top on the grass pretending to study. Or, in said tube top enjoying a frozen margarita. I have always been a tanning salons for me! Nope, tans were earned the hard way, sweating it out next to a pool, and timing your flips so you'd be even on both sides.

Now before you call your favorite dermatologist on my sun-soaked butt, let me just say that I am no longer in pursuit of the Perfect Tan. I wear my SPF 30 like a good girl when I'm out enjoying the sun's rays. ~sigh~ These days my Perfect Tan comes out of a bottle, thank-you-very-much. A few years ago I realized that my lovely complexion would last MUCH longer as I get older if I started wearing sun-screen and staying out of the sun at peak times. That, and wrinkly skin and skin cancer are not nearly as sexy. It's not nearly as fun, but much better for my health. That way I'll be around for Drew much longer (hopefully!).

But there is something about a sunny March day to make me long for my days of grabbing my swimsuit and beach towel and bask in the afternoon sun, paying my respects to Apollo.


Bubba's Sis said...

And we've had some gorgeous sunny days, haven't we? But good for you, girl - I don't want you to be a raisin when you get old!

Pigs said...

Oh, I am so right there with you. I love the sun. I love a tan. It makes me feel so healthy in a wrinkly skin cancerish kind of way. Love it.

Honey said...


I'm a first time reader of your blog and I just had to say how much I feel you on this one!

I spent many a summer days in the back yard on our trampoline with oil to get that beautiful glow. And no tanning booths, coffins of light, for me either, just not my style. A good tan is earned! I even took a summer internship in San Diego, where I could lay on the beach for all of my 4 days off from work. My tan never looked so good. But these days I wear my SPF, but I long for those days when I laid outside with reckless-abandon.