Monday, May 14, 2007

Affirmation--10 Things

You know you have an infant in your house when:

  1. You can not glance around any room of the house without spying some sort of baby paraphernalia.
  2. You plan your day in 3-hour increments (roughly).
  3. Your spouse gets home and asks what you did today, and you have no idea.
  4. Poop and spit-up clean-up are everyday occurrences.
  5. Your wardrobe is limited to outfits you can nurse in without pulling it up over your head.
  6. You haven't watched a feature-length film without commercials since baby arrived, let alone been to the movies.
  7. Your husband is close to sending your boobies a 'Miss You' card.
  8. You want to discuss your breast infection with anyone who will listen (most men DON'T want to know).
  9. You go out to eat at ridiculously early's just you and the old folks.
  10. And last but not least....
You love it and can't remember your life any other way!


Bubba's Sis said...

Isn't it great?!? :-)

P.S. I will listen about your breast infection.

angelq said...

Okay, #1 is so already true. #3 has always been a problem for me. With cats, #4 is common. And I would totally listen to #8 - how else am I gonna know what I have to look forward to?

Timmie Smith said...

On #6... there's no reason to stay away from the movie theater at this point. Ana went to the movies from about 5 months old to one year old and loved it. She'd watch the previews and then fall asleep during the movie. If Drew wants a snack the theater is dark and a great place to nurse in public.

Don't get used to it though... Ana is now freaked out by the big screen and loud noise. We haven't tried taking her to a movie since she was about 13 months old.