Sunday, April 22, 2007

We're Ba-ack!!!

Well, after taking a few days for blogger to figure out who I am (I ALWAYS seem to have problems with the new blogger), I can update y'all!

We made the Grand Move just fabulously! Drew did wonderful on both flights to TX (to Dallas, then on to Amarillo), and we all decided that First Class is the WAY to go. We got warm nuts in a little bowl before our fabulous lunch! Anyway, we had a great time hanging out with my family in Wellington. Drew met his Papa and his Mu (my grandmother) and a bunch of other people, and even got a little baby Bible from my home-town church! We made our final flight to Houston on Monday, and that went fine as well. We officially live in Houston now. Although I feel like I'm still on vacation because I'm living out of a suitcase at Bubba's Mom's house. But that's ok, because there's lots of people around to help take care of the Drew-Bear!

We bought two cars this week, and made our first house-hunting trip. We're back in the swing of things, Texas-Style.

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Bubba's Sis said...

We're so glad you're home!