Sunday, April 22, 2007


So, the new car I bought on Tuesday? It's a beautiful silver Honda Accord. I love it, and Bubba got us a great deal on it (he has the best credit of anyone I know).

But, the Karma Gods decided to mess with us yesterday. I got rear-ended while turning left into a Dairy Queen for a Blizzard (haven't had one since I hit DQ Country). :( No one was hurt, but my car will need body work done, the bumper is all crunched.

It gets better.

The jack-ass that hit me was driving a POS suburban from the early 90s that looked like it was being held together with duct tape. He had to be towed away. But you know what that means....there is NO WAY this guy has insurance. Which, of course, he didn't. I've never seen Bubba's Mom so mad....she screamed so much at that guy I'm sure she scared the be-jesus out of him! The car also wasn't registered in his name, and turns out he JUST got out of jail last week for TOO MANY DRIVING TICKETS and doesn't even have a license!!! Why do I have to always get hit by morons like this!?! Why? Ironically, in the state of Texas, the cop would have arrested him on the spot if his license was SUSPENDED, but the fact that he didn't have one in the first place just gets him a ticket. WTF? &*(#$*)#(*!

So, my brand new beautiful car will be in the shop getting a little cosmetic work done. Luckily Bubba's Sis's husband works at a dealership and is going to get it taken care of for us. We're letting our insurance go after this jack-ass and maybe we'll get the $250 we're out for being hit by an un-insured motorist. But I doubt it.

The good news is that no one was hurt, not even the two kids the jack-ass had in the front seat of his two-seater suburban, likely un-buckled. We're going to be at Bubba's Mom's for another week, so we don't need the car right now anyway. And Drew wasn't with us, so I didn't have to worry about him.

Needless to say, I'm not thrilled to be driving a car again after 3 years of not having to deal with this shit. If you are driving the streets of Houston, I won't be hard to spot....I'll be the young woman driving like an old lady in the right lane, going just under the speed limit and shaking my fist at all the jack-asses passing me.


Pigs said...

Ugh, that's horrible. Glad y'all weren't hurt, but what a pain. Welcome back! Maybe you'll be lucky like I was when I moved here and a friendly gentleman in a pick up truck toasted me with his Bud Light bottle as he drove past me.

Bubba's Sis said...

I think I heard the guy ask the cop if he could be put back in jail so Bubba's Mom couldn't get to him.

Bubba's Mom said...

Yeah, cause my hair was on fire!

cjh said...

That is a pain. I think I had that same guy hit me in a tiny ghetto white car on my way home from college once. No insurance, wanted in another county, and I'd had my car for maybe 3 months. My friend and I (and our laundry) ended up getting driven to Wal-Mart by a stranger while we waited for her mom to pick us up (from over an hour away) since my car was undrivable.

Regardless, glad you're back in God's country! Come by on Saturday!