Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Cirque du Soleil

Tater should audition. He's certainly getting a lot of practice the past two days. There is so much movement going on in there that he's either practicing his acrobat routine, or fine-tuning his steps for his Riverdance audition.

Mama is not amused.*

The kicker is (pun intended)....did he see the need for such kicking/punching/poking/turning while he had a ready and willing audience in Texas? NO! We had a little pep talk before-hand, but it clearly didn't do any good. There was a little movement, and everyone got to feel it, but for the most part it's like Tater was having a good long nap. He really responded to the slower-paced Country Life. Now that his Pod (that's me) is back in the City, it's time to blow-and-go again. I just wish he wouldn't wake me up in the middle of the night....

*Well, she is slightly amused, as it is pretty cool and very weird to see my stomach lurch around like that. But it is starting to become uncomfortable, too. And I'm having fun imagining what the hell he's doing in there. Looks like he's having a good time. Or in distress. Can't really tell yet. Does that make me a bad Mama?

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