Tuesday, February 28, 2006


'Tis the Mardi Gras Season. One last hurrah before the quiet and reflection of the Lenten Season, which begins the day after, Ash Wednesday. Fat Tuesday is not the only day of Mardi Gras, as many people believe. (Mardi Gras literally means 'Fat Tuesday.') It's the final day of the celebration, which usually starts the week before with parades and balls and King Cakes. People see it as a big party, which it is, but it's existence really stems from The Church. The season on Lent in the church calendar is the 40 days leading up to Easter and the crucifixion of Christ. Christians are supposed to spend this time reflecting and fasting, thus the tradition of 'giving something up for Lent.' I sure we all have either done this ourselves or know someone who has. Joel gave up Dr. Pepper one year for Lent. Those of you who know him know the gravity of that sacrifice. I have a college friend who gave up whiskey for Lent our Senior year, so on Good Friday we went out and got drunk on Johnny Walker to celebrate Lent being over. Not exactly the point of the sacrifice, is it? And, you can be sure that he celebrated Mardi Gras the same way....drinking all the whiskey he could get his hands on before not being able to have any for 40 days.

I didn't start this post with the intent of chastising you all for partying it up on Fat Tuesday and using it as an excuse to get drunk on a school night. I just wanted to bring up the background of it and maybe get a few of you thinking. Regardless of how you feel about The Church and it's traditions, I challenge you all to spend the month of March reflecting on your own life and the direction it is heading. I know I will be.

But be sure to live it up today! :)


Bubba said...

I didn't make the Dr. Pepper sacrifice, if you remember.

Also, Lent ends on Easter, not Good Friday.

Emily said...

I've been thinking about the same thing today! NYC is an easy place to be extravagant (sort of like new orleans in that regard)! I've never done a big Lent sacrifice in the past, but think I will this year. I feel ready for some cleansing and reflection. :)

katielady said...

I know it does, Bubba, I thought I said that. So I guess my friend didn't make it through Lent, he was 2 days shy. Details, details.