Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Thoughts

We're back, arrived Wednesday night. The service for my Grandadder was very nice, more of a memorial to a very full and active life. The church was packed, and I told Bubba that now he knows where I get my penchant for knowing so many people and calling them 'friend.' I got it from him.

While in the lovely Panhandle my lovely allergies flared up, thanks mainly to the freaky weather (which is normal and what I grew up with, but not what I'm used to now) and the wind blowing about 40 mph for 2 days. Kicks up the pollen and grasses and things and my body doesn't like it. That's why I will never live in that part of the world again. Anywho, I'm trying to get myself back to normal healthwise. The weather here is crazy, too, it's about to get freakin' cold.

And, I came back to a mess at work. My project manager is a nice man, but he can't manage for shit. It's frustrating. At least my deadline got pushed back to next Friday, so I don't have to work ALL weekend, just tomorrow. Lovely. I want to tell him 'your poor planning is not my emergency.' But it doesn't work that way

Ah well, better get to it. Thank y'all for the kind words and condolences. It's great to have friends!


Eddie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your granddad! :(

laci said...

katie - i know of which you speak. i'm more allergic to wellington than ANY OTHER PLACE ON THE PLANET. home sweet home...