Friday, January 27, 2006

T-Minus 30 Minutes

Even as I sit here at work typing this (hey, I've got to do SOMETHING while I sip my first cuppa), Bubba is at home patiently awaiting the arrival of the movers. They are supposed to arrive sometime between 8 and 9. We got up this morning and finished packing the very-last-minute-stuff, like the sheets and comforter and bathroom stuff. Bubba gets to stay home today and mess with the movers because he gets a free day off due to the fact that his office is moving today, too! So, neither of us had to take a vacation day, which is great, as we like to save them for truly important things. Like vacation. Let's just hope Bubba makes it through today without too much ado. He tends to worry about things like this.

Anyway, when I go home this evening, it will be to a new home. Woo hoo! No more walking by the ugly trash-building or dealing with that nasty hill! Yeah!

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