Monday, January 16, 2006

Have Any Boxes?

We are officially in move-out mode. With the lease signed, elevators in both buildings reserved, and movers lined up to arrive, it is time to begin the most dreaded of all things....packing. However, I tend to look at packing in a fond way. Unpacking, too. I know, shocker to most people who respond to this news with a quick intake of breath and a look of horror on their faces. But it appeals to my anal/retentive nature to make everything orderly. I like to be the BEST at packing up boxes. Making use of the right boxes and finding the best size-to-weight ratio for the kitchen boxes. And unpacking is just an excuse to re-decorate a room in a demented sort of way. You can make totally new decisions like which book-shelves to place which books on (by category? by author? by owner?) and whether you should re-organize your kitchen. And taking everything down to actually do all of this is not a problem, as it's already all down anyway!

Bubba and I managed to get more than half of our apartment packed up this weekend. I'm tired, but in a satisfied way. I have a feeling of accomplishment. A feeling of satisfaction. A feeling that we will run out of boxes. I have been hoarding boxes from everywhere, as it seems an absolute waste to pay for something that people leave out on the curb in large bundles for the trash-man to take away every other day. Like they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

One more note....we have TONS of books. I'd say half of the boxes so far are of books. So next time you are at Casa de Barron, feel free to check out the latest paper-back (that's mostly what we have, as it's easier to tote around all day and read on the subway) from your favorite author. We probably have it.

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