Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rubbing Shoulders with Famous People

So, here I'm bitching about the subway, and the coolest thing happened on it today on the way home! It was super crowded when I got on at 23rd St., and I had to fight over someone (again) to get to the middle of the train. I hit this guy's newpaper, said 'Oh, I'm sorry,' and looked up....right into the eyes of Philip Seymour Hoffman! On MY train! I said 'I'm a big fan!' and turned around to hold on before I crashed into him (which would have been TOTALLY embarrassing). I rode shoulder-to-shoulder with him to 42nd street, where we both got off to change trains. How cool is that! I kept thinking of things I could say, but couldn't come up with ANY of the movies he's been in lately except for the new Capote movie, which I can't wait to see. (That always happens, doesn't it? You completely lose your memory at the most inopportune times!) But, I'm a fan of not fawning over celebrities and letting them just live their lives, so I didn't say anything else but 'Bless You' when he sneezed. I really don't know what he was doing on a subway train at rush hour on a random Thursday when he could be in a car with a driver, but it's cool that he was just being a regular guy, going about his business.

New Yorkers seem accustomed to celebrity sightings, but I hardly ever see any (I don't hang out in the West Village enough), so this is so cool!

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