Friday, July 1, 2005

Travel on a Holiday Weekend

The title should tell you everything. It sucks. As I try to keep this a PC blog, I will refrain from the 4-letter words I am thinking right now. My parents are coming in for the long weekend from Texas. They not only got caught in thunderstorms in Dallas (which is not unusual, as it's July and that's what happens there), they ALSO are dealing with very strong thunderstorms in New York! Actually, not NY, but New Jersey. F^@#*$% New Jersey! You'd think they could fly around the storms, over Pennsylvania where there aren't any, but no. They circle around over Delaware and Maryland until they get cleared to head towards NY. And, for your information. La Guardia is the WORST airport to fly into if there is bad weather! They shut all runways but one, and it backs up like you wouldn't believe. Well, they've been in the airplane for so long (11:30am, to be exact), that they ran out of gas and had to land in Washington at Dulles International! Another terrible airport! Geez. They were supposed to be here at 4:15, and it's now 7:00 and they are in Washington, at least an hour flight, if not more. Needless to say, I'm having a cocktail and trying to remain calm. Mama called, and they are ok, so I guess I should be, too. I know others out there are fighting bad weather in airports on a holiday weekend, so feel free to share you story. Even if it's not yours!


Pigs said...

No good stories here! We made it home with no worries.

Mollina said...

I couldn't believe it when Papa called me from the ground at Dulles. Insane! What time did they end up getting there? If it makes you feel any better, I had to almost chug a beer to calm down and keep from yelling at a bar manager in Pittsburgh! Damn commonwealths!

Rebecca Lynn said...

Hahaha yeah she did.... thats a great story. Im glad they made it there safe though, and I hope you had a great 4th!!