Monday, July 25, 2005

I Can See You!

I have a fun new toy. Google Earth. It is an aerial photo system of the entire world. That's right, the WHOLE thing! Cities are mapped in very good resolution, so I can easily find my home and work buildings here in New York, and my old apartment in Dallas. However, when I go to Wellington, TX, the map isn't so good. But still. It shows roads, terrain (check out Nepal or Colorado!), and even buildings in major cities. I went to Hawaii, Rome, and Moscow this weekend, all in the same day! You can type in any city, address, or zip code and it zooms you away across the globe. I should have bought stock in Google when they went public. This is fantastic, and will occupy you for hours at a time. You download the free software to your computer, it even has different options depending on the speed and internet connection. Try it! You'll thank me.

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