Thursday, December 23, 2004

One More Little Thing

It's 2 days to Christmas, and I am done with my shopping. Actually, I was done about a week ago, mainly because I had to mail most of them back to Texas. So, I should have a feeling of calm and serenity, right? You would think so, but I keep thinking of that 'one more little thing' I can get my family members for Christmas morning. Why do I think this way? Drives my husband crazy. I love Christmas, and continue to strive for the idea that the sincere thought process of buying someone something and the act of getting them something you think they would like or would want to have is the point behind the gift giving. As opposed to just buying something because you need to get them something and don't really care what it is, but damnit, that's one more present off the list! So, my thinking of WANTING to get just 'one more little thing,' that's ok, right?


Bubba's Mom said...

Katie B. you know I completely identify with you on this Christmas syndrome called "Just One More Little Thing". I too strive for just the perfect gift, and, as you will learn as you get older, it is often a fruitless effort & it will make you crazy. As a person who has just been through yet another year of "Christmas with the Kranks", a lot of people do not have this same idea. (That's why there is an interesting process called "re-gifting".) My frustration this year is that I can't do the just one more little thing deal for you and that precious boy you married because I can't get it to you in time!! So, ya'll may be getting "Happy New Year Presents". A charming idea, don't you think??? I hope you like what I did manage to get to you in time for Christmas and just know that I'll be out there at those after-Christmas sales already searching for stuff for next year!!

katielady said...

Well, Bubba's Mom, I have already gotten 'Just One More Little Thing' for my family, and have already gotten Joel B! mad at me! Oh well, it's Christmas, right?