Thursday, December 23, 2004


Someone explain to me the justice that it snows in Dallas, where we lived for almost 3 years, for Christmas and not NYC!!! How is this possible? Why can't it snow here? Of course, I'm told that it almost NEVER snows here before January. But the past 2 or 3 years NYC has had a very white Christmas. It's just when WE, the heat-seeking missiles, move here that it's a balmy 57 degrees today, and it's going to rain! AUGH! It's enough to make anyone a Scrooge. Rain and cold on Christmas do not mix. I MUCH prefer snow.

Now, I know there are some of you out there bemoaning the fact that you have WAY too much snow (Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo), but you have to understand that people from Texas just expect it to snow up here in the cold north. Just like New Yorkers are surprised to find out that it's already snowed 3 times in Texas this year! They are shocked and amazed, actually. They think Texas is supposed to be warm all the time. But, that's another topic for another blog. New Yorkers and the crazy things they actually believe to be true, even though they have never seen it for themselves.

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Timmie Smith said...

I have no explanation of how this could be just. I'll be driving to the snowy Panhandle tomorrow. If any of your coworkers think it is wild that it is snowing in Dallas you can really blow them away with the fact that it is currently freezing only 90 miles from Houston. The thermometer on Kyle Field read 31 when I got to the pool at 10. According to it was 32 at 11.

Hoping you have a Merry Christmas even if it isn't white.