Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Spirits

So, I showed up to hang out with my parents after my office Christmas party a little drunk. Mainly because I didn't get a Christmas bonus and I needed to get my money's worth from the people I work for. But, that aside, this was a first for me. Hanging out with my parents drunk, not getting the most out of the Christmas party. It was raining, so I got on the bus after the party, with my Carmel Macciato in tow, and proceeded to fall asleep in traffic. An hour later, I get off the bus, a bit more sober, and walk in the rain to meet them at the bar. All in the Christmas Spirit, of course. I think it's time for some more spirits. What can I make you?


Pigs said...

See? Here was your error. Stepping away from the Firm. The Firm will always give you a bonus. They will never (EVER) give you booze. The Christmas party was even worse than usual without you there! Those things are a beating.

katielady said...

Yes, everyone here seems to only drink when they want to get seriously sloshed! Whih is new to me, coming from the Firm atmosphere where beer is a four letter word. oh well, at least they are interesting parties! Thanks for missing me!