Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a Few More Hours

'That's all the time we've got!' (That's a quote from a song in My Fair Lady, FYI.)

We are closing on both houses today! It's a bit later than we had expected because the buyer's bank sat on the paper work for 4 weeks and then an issue came up that they had to deal with. Of course. So it's going to be today at 2pm, or close to it. Whatever, it will be done.

Tomorrow the packers come and work their magic on our house.

Wednesday the movers come and load it all up!

And Thursday they deliver us to Richardson! Woot!

It's going to be a crazy week! But I'll try to post some pics of the new house at the end of the week.


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cjh said...

Oh, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are settling into your new digs and making them your own. GL!