Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Under Contract

WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!! (Just imagine me doing a little happy dance over here.)

Got an offer yesterday, and we accepted last night! WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

We close on July 22nd, which is SOOO fast when you think about it. We've got to get up to Big D and find ourselves a house! So we're going this weekend. I got Bubba tickets to the Astros/Yankees Friday night for Father's Day, so we can't go until Saturday. Wish us luck, that this all goes smoothly!!! We hope to find something this weekend and put down an offer so we can get this ball rolling!

I'm so excited!!!


Bubba's Sis said...

Altho it is bittersweet, I am SO HAPPY for ya'll! Now maybe something will come together for us this week and all Nana's chicks will be OK!

cjh said...

YEA! It was the blue bedroom, wasn't it? Congrats and now we'll seriously have to make dinner plans.