Thursday, December 13, 2007

CVS Commercial

Has anyone seen the new CVS pharmacy commercials? They're animated, and have this song that goes:

'It's not that unusual
when everything is beautiful.
It's just another ordinary
miracle today.'

I love the beautiful tune, and for some reason it always makes me stop and listen and appreciate the little things in life that truly ARE miracles.

I hope the next time you see that commercial, you will stop and take a moment to appreciate how blessed you are.


Pigs said...

Yeah, but have you gotten your free stuff at CVS this week? That's the beautiful miracle they're talking about!!

Bubba's Sis said...

LOL at Pigs!

cjh said...

I haven't seen that commercial but I did cry in the car today. Lots of our radio stations are raising money for the various children's hospitals. Yeah, played a song with a story interjected about a boy dying from leukemia. As told by his sister. Yeah, cried. But not as much as one of the station's tech guys whom they intereviewed after. I had to turn off the radio at that point. Sobbing. From a man. We are blessed indeed.

Katie Lady said...

Pigs, I think you are missing the 'reason for the season.' But it makes me laugh anyway, and you're excused due to your delicate condition. :)

Eddie said...

Isn't that a Sarah Mclachlan (sp?) song?

johnmcook said...

The song is by a husband and wife duo named Fisher. They are wonderful. You can find out more about them at