Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dream Weaver

Does anyone ever have dreams involving the people you watch on TV?

I occasionally dream about the girls from SATC, and I'm in the dream with them. Like I'm inserting myself into one of the shows. I have frequently had dreams with the 'Friends' cast, but since the last season, those have kind of waned.

But last night was a first. I had a dream that I ran off with Jim from 'The Office.' He left Pam for me, and we were taking a train somewhere and making out and stuff. It was awkward because Pam was one of my best friends. I was in high school or college, not sure which (so Bubba was not in the picture, as we hadn't met yet....that's my reason anyway!), but I think it might have been college because I was working a part time job and that's how I met Jim. No one else from the cast was there, so it's not like my job was actually at 'The Office.'

This was one of the most real of all these type of dreams I've had. I actually woke up in the middle, went back to sleep and continued the dream. And I'm still thinking about it now! The weirdest is that I haven't even watched 'The Office' in several weeks. So how in the world did Jim pop into my head? Weird.


Pigs said...

I think I would've rather liked that dream about Jim. Maybe I was secretly the Pam taking your Jim away?

Bubba's Sis said...

I once dreamed that I went on a date with Vince Gill and we went ice skating and he had a pet monkey.

Not a TV character, but still weird.

Katie Lady said...

Pigs, I was taking Jim away from Pam, so if you were Pam, you were the one crying. Not me.

BTW, he's on Regis and Kelly RIGHT now. Yum.

Bubba's Mom said...

Watch what you eat right before you go to bed.

nejyerf said...

ice cream before bed always gives me wild and crazy dreams.

i've dreamt of george clooney. but then who hasn't??

i also have a weekly sexy dream about a guy i went to high school with.

someday i'll let him get to 2nd base!!

did you see?!? Paul Potts, the opera singer from Britains got talent won!!

i could have sworn i saw a tear in simon's eye.

and don't you think simons seems nicer in england than he does in america?

laci said...

niiiice. john krasinski is so hot... (think kevin).