Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Change in the Weather?

Once again, it is colder in Texas than it is here. This has been a pretty frequent occurance thus far this winter. The temp is dropping steadily today in NYC, but no falling precipitation, which is a blessing, I guess. It's all north of us. I'd likely just stay home to avoid falling on my pregnant butt again. (Hey, maybe that's not such a bad thing!) But the Texan in me is still wanting a big storm! Snow is still a novelty for me (and for Bubba), and I am feeling cheated out of my last winter here.

Of course, now this means that February and March will just be terrible, right when I'm wanting to get out and about with the Tater! ~sigh~

Snow, snow, snow, snow, SNOW!!!! I wanna wash my hair, my face and hands with SNOW!!!


Pigs said...

I'd like to see snow too. It's this icy mess that's ridiculous.

C-Shock-N-Awe said...

We got to experience some of that warmer than Texas weather ourselves and it was nice, but us Texans wanted to see a little winter while we were up there. The last week was crazy with all the freezing rain and ice down here, but we missed the snow, we want snow.

Thanks again for assisting with all our BIG City questions, the information was excellent, and it was great to see you and Joel again.

Take care,