Friday, December 29, 2006

My Mind is Blank

Why is it so hard to come up with titles?

This was always my No. 1 problem when writing an essay or something in school. I would get the whole damn thing finished and STILL not have a catchy title. When my English teacher was always telling me that the title should come FIRST! I think it just proves that I really am NOT that creative. I could never be a writer, as I'd have to come up with good titles for my writing. Otherwise no one would read my extremely intelligent drivel. Like they don't right now.

You! Out there right now reading this! What would YOU title this blog entry? What about the one after?


Timmie Smith said...

"Insert Title Here" is the best I can do for this post. I liked your title for the previous post, and thought the most recent title was also a good one.

Anonymous said...

I'd put "Title Me Timbers", but I'm a big nerd. I always told my students to write their entire story, then choose one of their favorite lines that alludes to the plot for their title. Again, nerd.

cjh said...

I wrote the entire paper first, too. Then the title... And I agree that it was hard then as it is now.

I was there any chance we could get another belly shot?