Sunday, August 27, 2006

I'm a Bad Person

I did a very bad thing today. I made my friend, who flew all the way here from Cleveland with her 9 month old to visit me, miss her flight home. I mis-read the damn train schedules and instead of getting there with 30 minutes to spare (after getting up at 6am), she is right now at Newark Airport (I HATE THAT PLACE!) with Bubba, missing her 10:10am flight. The next one is at 2:30. Yikes! Of course, the flight before was 2 hours later, and the flight after the 2:30 is 2 hours later, but no, the time between now and the next one is 4 hours. Of course. So, what is usually not a big deal, just a hassle that you have to sit in the airport, is now a huge problem. My friend is by herself. With a child. And needing to use her breast pump before noon. Which she can't do while holding a baby in the baby bjorn. By herself. In an airport with mean people who don't care if you missed your flight and will leak milk all over the place. Also? You can't take a breast pump through security. So she can't check her bag. Meaning she is there, by herself, with a tired baby who can't take a nap because there's so much to look at, so she's cranky. And did I mention the next flight isn't for another FOUR HOURS!?

So. That's the situation, and why my friend will never visit me again. I'm a terrible host, thinking the trains run every 10-20 minutes. HAH! Not on Sunday! Only two every hour, and they are 7 minutes apart, then nothing! Why? Why can't there be one every 30 minutes? Instead of 7 after the hour and 14 after the hour? What kind of sense does this make? Stupid NJ Transit. I hate New Jersey. (Sorry Eddie, but I do.)

I am at home, because it didn't make sense for both of us to take the effing train all the way out to Newark f%$^#& airport at a grand cost of $30 each. And Bubba went instead of me because I'm knocked up and can't help with the luggage. I feel like SUCH a heel. I have the butterflies-in-my-tummy, nervous-feeling thing going on, and just feel terrible. It's half my fault, half the MTA's fault for always having construction on the weekends, making the trains run and half-speed for about a mile and making our subway ride 35 minutes instead of 20-25!!! I just want to scream or cry, and for some reason, I am not doing either. I am typing about it instead. So stressed out, instead of enjoying a relaxing, rainy Sunday. This is why I don't fly out of Newark. Too big of a hassle, too much stress involved.


Bubba's Sis said...

At least Bubba is with her. It'll be OK, Sweetie. She'll get home. It's not your fault. You should take a nap.

japruf said...

I see why you feel bad, but really it is NJ's fault. Everything is NJ's fault. We flew out of Newark and it sucks. It really sucks. And the two trains at the top of the hour is really dumb too. But it seems like she could have paid for a cab or car and made it.

Bubba said...

Not with car seat. Car seat doubles the car costs. We called.

It worked fine, I was there, we made it together. We had lunch. Baby was happy the whole time. As I type, mommy and baby are home and safe and fine.

katielady said...

Yeah, that was the problem japruf. In hindsight it would have been worth the $120 for the car with car seat, tips, and tolls. But at the time, $14 to get to the airport seemed like a bargain.

I hate Newark and will do everything in my power to not have to fly out of there again. We've had troubles ourselves.

Bubba's Mom said...

What a man you are Bubba! And what a daddy you will be! You make me proud. I love a man who can handle things!

Eddie said...

I like Newark airport! I think it's very easy and straightforward (after you make your way off the highway, that is).

katielady said...

Well, Eddie, try getting there from NYC without a car. Not so easy.

Bubba said...

The theory of the way to Newark is easy. Go to Penn Station (easy on subway), get on NJ Transit (easy) get off at airport (easy) and ride the airtram (easy). But the execution is not so easy.

We had to take a nice $100 ride to NJ once because when we got to Penn Station there was only one track open in and out of Penn Station, so we would be late.

This time, read above.

Basically, Newark sucks. I don't think I could drive there anyway, there are like way too many feeways.