Friday, March 10, 2006


I'm bored. Bored with work, mainly. I like my new job, but it's boring. It's hard to make it to lunch some days, let alone 5 o'clock. I need something new to keep me entertained. There are SO many other things I can think of to do besides working. Especially now that it's starting to look more like spring. I love spring. We are having a taste of it right now. I actually went out this morning on an errand WITHOUT MY COAT! Crazy, I know. Makes me want to garden or something. But, rest assured, we'll get another cold snap in the next month or so and I'll be cursing Mother Nature.


japruf said...

Ok, so none of us enjoy our jobs. This is becoming painfully obvious. Many of us are even looking for new jobs. So why don't we all start some business jointly and be happier?

katielady said...

Sounds good, japruf. What should we do? Bubba and I had lunch in the park today by the playground, and decided we should be nannies. It'd be great, we could play with kids all day and be outside whenever we wanted!

Mike said...

You would have an advantage over other nannys, being a Citizen and all.