Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Writer's Block

I have absolutely nothing to write about. But I thought I would check in and see how everyone else is doing! I have no life, I study, go to work, and go to rehearsal. Boring. Nothing to talk about. Although I do get to sing in a concert for Steven Sondheim on Saturday! Google him. Go ahead, I dare you. He's famous, and I'll be singing his songs! Put that in you pipe and smoke it!

Please write me and tell me about your glamourous, warm, fullfilling lives. Please. I'm desperate.


Timmie Smith said...

I've reached that point in the semester where all there is to do is work as well. Progress is being made though, so all is well.

The baby's room has furniture now. I'll post a picture on my blog eventually. The one I took today is in need of serious cropping.

Lidia and baby are both doing excellent. Lidia is studying for the math PhD qualifying exams and I live in the shadow of her intellect (she helped me with my homework last night).

Pigs said...

Okay, but you're about to be jealous! First, I just had to publicly bribe my howling dog-beast back into the house in front of neighbors. Second, I'm wearing one sock wrong-side out because it has a thread clump on the inside and it feels gross on my toes. Third, I'm waiting on my workaholic husband to get home from The Firm so he can grill me some hamburgers! (I'm not allowed to use the grill. Or the lawnmower.)(I am only allowed to use the weed whacker under strict supervision.)

Bubba said...

Well, I spend Saturdays studying for the exam and do maybe a few problems during the week. Sunday's I try to get my wife out for a walk, but she's loaded down right now. I watch basketball, I finished my big boring book two weeks ago, 700 pages, so I celebrated by reading my Kinky Friedman book in 4 days. I read 3 articles in this week's New Yorker, plus the around town, which is great for the New Yorker, hard to read everything in it and lately been just ignoring it. (they have long articles)

Ginny - Southern women don't pump gas or mow the lawn.