Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have a problem

Have I mentioned that I'm a snacker?

I'm a SERIOUS snacker. Frankly, it's just that I like to eat good food. But, I also inherited my father's love of snacking. Diets? PAH! I can never do it, because I can't keep from snacking. So, I eat small meals to make up for it. Most of the time. And, I try to snack on healthy things.

My problem is that I CAN NOT give up carbs. I've tried, and then I just crave them more. My OBGYN actually told me I should maybe steer clear of them when I was pregnant with Drew, because of the copious amount of weight I'd gained in just 3 short months. I laughed in her face. She might as well have told me to stop eating altogether.

Right now I'm inhaling a bag of Sun Chips. They are SOOO addicting, my friends. Try them, you'll see. I dare you to eat just one.....handful. Oh sweet mother of all that is good and pure, I'm about to gain 2 pounds. At least they are multigrain.


Timmie Smith said...

Sun chips are evil in the most delicious way. The only way I can steer clear of them is to make sure I never have change/dollar bills for the vending machine. If all I've got is a $10 then I can't snack.

I'm sorry that this won't help you at all since you're in a home office. Maybe install a coin operated lock on the pantry?

Bubba's Sis said...

You're better than me. I eat candy.

Bubba's Mom said...

You know, I had kinda noticed that about you, BUT - there are so many other things that I love aabout you, it really doesn't matter. I too love carbs. When I was pregnant with Sis was the year Doritos came out, and my 2 BFF's & I would sit out by the apt. pool & consume a bag a day. Taco flavor! My landlady would walk past us and tell me what a hard labor I was going to have. I hated her.